Welcome to the new school year and engineering classes! 

Welcome to a new school year at Southport High School!  The 2016-17 school year will be filled with exciting activities for our students and your children.  Those activities will take place in the classroom, in the build room, on the athletic fields and courts, in concerts and on educational field trips.  It promises to be a wonderful year.

I am truly excited about being the new Engineering teacher and FIRST Robots team coach. While this year marks my first year at Southport, it starts my fourteenth year overall in the classroom, fifteen years in education.  During those years I have served as a technology coordinator, middle school Social Studies teacher, and I spent thirteen years as a Computer Applications teacher at Center Grove Middle School North.  The opportunity to be part of a wonderful staff and school system has helped fill my desire to lead a FIRST Robotics team.  It has been a great move for me and I am enjoying meeting the staff and robotics mentors.  I am also enjoying my interactions with the students each day.  I am especially appreciative of the staff members, custodial staff, and students who have helped guide me through this excitingly difficult change.

In the first newsletter I would like to share an instructional overview of the year, discuss the needs of our STEM lab, and invite all of you to C.A.G.E Match.  This year we are offering Introduction to Engineering, Principals of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Aerospace Engineering.  While these classes are all different levels, each will focus on the engineering design process.  Another similarity of these classes is they will all have an engineering binder that should contain 5 tabs that create sections for their worksheets, 20% Time, scrap notebook paper, graph paper, and an Engineering Notebook that I provided for each student.  All classes will also have access to an online environment provided by PLTW where students will turn in their work and I can grade most assignments online.  This creates a grade for each student.  I will then have to copy the grade over to Skyward.  If you are worried about your student’s grade, please have him/her log into their my.pltw.org account and check their grade their first.  This will confirm that there is an actual problem not just a transposing issue.  If you have any questions about grades please contact me.

Secondly, this year I want to have the students making as much as possible.  1Making is about learning to see the world with new eyes, and developing deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around us.  For this to happen, I am in search of many items that we can use to make new creations.  This link will guide you to the full list.  Please donate so we can shift the Maker Movement at Southport High School into high gear!   Donations can come in with your child, or they can be dropped off with Mrs. Quinlin in the office.

Finally, I want to invite all of you to C.A.G.E. Match.  C.A.G.E. Match is an off season FIRST Robotics competition and helps to raise money for your Southport CyberCards.  It is also used to gather can foods for the Ronald McDonald house.  C.A.G.E. Match is on Saturday October 15th and doors open at 7 a.m. and robot action runs all day long!

I am very excited to get the year moving in the right direction!






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